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Dear wonderful friend,

It gives me great pleasure writing you this lovely day.How are you doing and how is work? I hope very welll.If so, then glory be to God. My name is Fisan .I am a Pharmacist by profession as well as an online network marketer.

According to ROBERT KIYOSAKI, a financial American writer,He said and I quote" The richest people in the world look for and build networks,everyone else looks for work".He went to say that "Money comes and goes ,but if you understand how money works you gain control over it and begin to build real wealth".

To this end,it is on that premise that I would like to introduce TRAVELACCESSCLUB to you.

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Cnr of Granby & Sharp Street
K2138 Kingstown
St Vincent and the Grenadines
British Virgin Islands
+001 877 719 0819

After I sign up, how fast can I get started?

Immediately. You can begin to tell your friends, or promote the business by sending associates to your own replicated website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment through Liberty Reserve and our e-wallet. Other payment methods will be added soon.

What is the cost of membership?

The cost of membership is a one-time payment of $200

Is there a recurring cost or monthly membership payment?

No. There is no monthly membership payment. Your one-time payment is to purchase the Travel Access Information Certificate, which entitles you the opportunity to Access Multi-purpose Information on Travel, Holiday and Vacations at discounted rates and also benefit wonderful rewards.

What do I need to do to cycle?

The first thing you need to do is sponsor two (2) people who purchase the Travel Access Information Certificate. Once you have done this, you qualify to receive the Board payments as you cycle through the stages and out of the board. The second thing you need to do is encourage and instruct those people you sponsored to sponsor additional people.

What do I receive when I cycle?

Member at the Top of the Main Board receives $25 from each member that lands in STAGE 1 from the Preliminary Board + $900 on cycling out of the Main Board and Revolves back to STAGE 1 of the same Board while the members in STAGE 2 receive $50 each. To qualify for this, you must sponsor at least two people who in turn will replicate your action. This makes a total earnings of $1050.

How many people do I need to sponsor?

To qualify for both compensation payments, you need to sponsor at least 2 people who will replicate your action. However, this should not stop you from sponsoring more than 2 as it will help you cycle more, quicker and even faster; therefore entitling you to earn bonuses faster and revolve back into the system continuously.

Can I open more than one account?

Yes, you can open multiple accounts, but with different usernames.

What is a "Surplus" or "Spillover" Member?

A Surplus Member is created when a member sponsors more than two people. The surplus Member (spillover) is allocated to a board where a member does not have two qualifiers in the preliminary board. This assists members who have not sponsored two people and allows the member who sponsored the additional positions to progress faster through the stages in the Main board.

Can I "Jump" in any of the stages?

Yes, you can jump from the first stage to the top of the Main board when the board splits in the Main Board, if your downlines cycle out of the preliminary board to join you in the main board, giving you one or two points more than other members with you in the 1st and 2nd stages.

What is the advantage of sponsoring more than 2 people?

The follow-the-leader system allows all members to follow their sponsors. If you introduce many people, you have a higher chance of not sponsoring any new members when you re-enter the Main Board, because all the people you brought in will ALWAYS follow you and push you through the board faster.

When the Board splits, how do the members get assigned to new Boards?

Members of the original board are placed on the two new boards based on fairness and balance. The system automatically splits the board causing the members to be distributed among both boards equally. This gives each board a chance to move at the same rate. However, the follow-the-leader system ensures that every time your downline re-enters or revolves back to the Main board, they go to your board and become your referral first.

How do I receive and withdraw my rewards?

All rewards are paid directly to your virtual account called e-wallet where funds can be withdrawn either to your Liberty Reserve account OR to another e-wallet account holder.

What does the Travel Access Information Certificate provide?

It provides members Multi-purpose Information on Unique Travel Destinations and Holiday Spots at discounted rates with adequate guide (passport offices, embassy addresses, etc) on How to do it yourself, best options, budgeting and planning without stress.

Thanks and God bless,


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