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Carl Willis

Компания: Fuller Brush
Имя: Carl Willis
ID: 0865298
Квалификация: Manager
Откуда: USA TX Corpus Christi
Контакты: 361-723-0791
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What can you do with your own Fuller Brush Work at Home Based Business Opportunity?

* Buy over 300 Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products that you use every day at distributor wholesale prices giving you instant savings for your own shopping budget.

* Sell to friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family. Either in person, or by mail order with the Fuller Direct program.

* Sell by mail order to out of town relatives and friends, even run a nationwide mail order home business, without keeping any inventory.

* Sell online with the free Fuller Direct web site. Your customers log in with your ID number, and sales are credited to YOUR account. You receive your regular commissions on every sale.

* Sell to small businesses, at swap meets, flea markets, home parties, & door-to-door.

* Sell both Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products.

* Share the Fuller Gold Business Opportunity with others to increase your commission level and earn over-rides and bonuses.

* Sell when you want. You make your own hours. No pressure, no quotas to fill.

How do I make money with my Fuller Brush Home Based Business Opportunity?

* Retail Few companies in America have the name recognition and product satisfaction guarantee the Fuller Brush Company has. Fuller Brush sells quality products that every home needs and wants. Even people who don’t like selling are finding it easy to collect Fuller Brush orders. Independent Distributors can purchase products directly from the company at wholesale prices by mail or toll free telephone six days a week. There are no minimum or maximum quotas. Fuller has a very generous commission structure, so you can make an excellent income of 20 - 55% on each product just retailing. However, we recommend that you take advantage of all three profit centers.

* Fuller Direct There are very few, if any, networking companies out there today that offer such a complete mail order program. Fuller Direct is a program designed to help the distributor who wants to build his or her home business. Fuller has the name recognition to get people to look at your catalog and order from it. And, they deal directly with The Fuller Brush Company. You place your ID number on the catalogs and your customer orders direct from Fuller by mail or toll free telephone. Fuller ships the products directly to your customer, and credits you with the retail profit. Same commission as regular retail sales. A terrific way to make extra money. You also recessive your own web page for customers to buy at.

* Network Marketing If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want at the same time. Networking is simply word of mouth advertising. If you recruit other distributors for the company, Fuller will pay you, based on their personal volume, and their distributors’ volume. If you sponsor three people who do the same, by the fourth level, you will have 120 distributors on whom you will receive a commission, based on their total sales. Their volume will also push you to a higher commission level on your own sales. If you have built your home business to the 44% level, and you have a distributor at the 24% level, you earn 20% commission on all his or her sales. Build as wide and deep as you want. Networking duplicates your time and money. Does this mean I′ll make fast money and get rich quick you ask? No and don′t let anyone tell you their program will. It′s a blatant lie. It′s real business opportunity and you only get back what you put into it.

How much does it cost to start my Fuller Brush Home Based Business?

* You get to choose the level of investment that is right for you! From FREE to $ 39.95
* All Fuller Home Business Start Up Kits include the use of:

* The Fuller Brush Name

* Fuller Brush Products at Wholesale Prices

* Sales Promotions and Incentives

* Frequent Fuller Awards Program

* Toll-Free Customer Service

* Toll-Free Sales Hotline Information

* Toll-Free Order Line

* Order Supplies Online

* Toll-Free Fuller Direct Sales Support

* Itemized Payments to You and to Your Down line

* Product Information and Training

* No-charge Order Literature Packets Quarterly Recognition Publications

* Free Website for Your Customers to Order

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