Gian Piero Di Cillo

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Откуда: Italy Brazil Fortaleza
Контакты: +55 85 9921 1110 - skype: securitas.aurum

We are in the 3rd millennium and this company uses the most advanced technologies of the Internet, like our website, our CSS a new concept of a Customer Support System created specifically for E-Commerce Business.

Another very power tool that we use is the conference software that allows us to conduct a conference with hundreds of people in a total comfort, because you can be anywhere in the world, and all that you need to participate is just a computer and an Internet connection.

I remember when in the past, in order to represent companies, I was working in hotels, was renting rooms, video projectors, sounds systems and much more to just meet 30 people or in some events more than that, - it was successful, but very limited and it was very expensive, today we have with Internet and this technologies... NO LIMITS!!!

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