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Our Entrepreneur group is sharing with people an opportunity to start a home base business – an opportunity to capitalize in the trillion dollar telecommunications industry. Our marketing program is endorsed by world famous multi-billionaire mogul. If you are seeking or know of someone that is seeking new ways to earn money, this may be an opportunity to look into.

Our marketing training program is within two of the biggest industry in the world, network marketing and the trillion dollar telecommunications industry – with the next technology shift leading the way. On March 22, 2009 ACN, our marketing program and the IRIS 3000 Digital Videophone was featured on NBC reality show "The Celebrity Apprentice".

This was a first – the only network marketing business model ever to be featured on prime time. This first in the history of network marketing has increase our success like never before – even though ACN’s growth has been vast. (ACN quadrupled in its first five year, ranking it the 22nd fastest grown company in North America – from fortune 500 companies) Critical mass on this technology shift is about to hit, don’t miss out on the greatest opportunity you will ever come across since the cell phone and the internet boom!

Since everyone uses telecommunications services, this unique business model is recession proof – people don’t have to consume things that they don’t use, or have to change their customs. They just simply continue to use their telecommunications services, but through our program – and earn money doing it. Simple.

Our group has experiences with other network marketing programs, that are good programs. We decided to do the ACN business because our experience showed us that people have a hard time changing their culture, especially when it comes to consuming eatables - which slowed down our group growth.

With the ACN business program people can keep their wonderful culture and still participate by acquiring the telecommunications services they use, through our program, and earn residual income from those services every time people pay their telecom services – month after month, year after years. learn more by contacting me at 972-351-8788 this is our videophone, and if you had one, you will be able to see me in real time.

Good fortune on your Endeavour,

Benevolence Group International
Texas, USA

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