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Customers canvass customers - the marketing concept of Securitas Aurum

Customers canvass customers


„Perform first, then consume!"

This is the central message of the recommendation concept of Securitas Aurum and serves to replace a behaviour of customers which today is quite normal: „Consume first and the perform!"

The recommendation concept of „Customers recruit customers" used by Securitas Aurum serves to consume without debts, to build up a life standard without debts and to build up assets.

The concept of „Customers recruit customers" is not a new concept and is used by many companies to recruit new customers, but there, the promised bounties for recruiting often do not correspond to the promised quality and neither can stand a critical examination concerning their necessity.

Securitas Aurum has given a new and modern presentation to that concept and has reformed it including new technical availabilities.

1) By using the internet and the tools developed by Securitas Aurum, you can give your recommendations also in virtual form and worldwide;

2) The software especially developed for the recommendation concept by Securitas Aurum always is seeking the origin of a recommendation given and rewards the customers not only for direct but also for indirect recommendations;

3) Not Securitas Aurum, but the customer decides within the frame of conditions given by Securitas Aurum about the form and the amount of premiums.

The humans are fed up with making debts. They are looking for new ways of consume without making new debts.

In that field, Securitas Aurum offers the perfect concept for the following decades. This company uses the so-called accumulation model with great success in the e-commerce. Explained in simple manner, in that model every customer purchases consume goods but also firm values like for example the Krugerrand bullion coin and further international investment coins by paying a small deposit and having the possibility to compensate the remaining purchase price if he wants to do that by his own performance.

Securitas Aurum is not limited to certain fields.

Securitas Aurum is a gigantic community of people having the same attitude, who decide together what to purchase and what to consume. There, we create a great purchasing power which permits the company despite small deposits and good prices to work in a profitable manner. The accumulation model gives the company and his customers the possibility to finally choose themselves the products and services.

The fact that Securitas Aurum builds up his business on the latest technology is more than self-evident, but also shall show to every person where to go together. We are not limited, neither in the regional, the national nor in the international field.

A life without debts, connected to a quality of life for everyone, corresponding to the existence– that is the philosophical message of Securitas Aurum.

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