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GetawayClub The Best Internet Home Base Money Making Bussiness & Travel Program.
Getaway Club is a new and exciting online cash and travel program where you can make over $17,800 and gain access to some great discount deals. It is an easy to do and fun home business plan, and it PAYS!
Getaway Club is an innovative blending of the world’s greatest medium, the Internet and the world’s most profitable industry, travel which is a 7 trillion dollar a year business worldwide. Their idea is to get more and more people to buy their vacation travel packages by seriously reducing the cost and creating a reward-for-referrals programme to get you and I to do their marketing for them.
The great thing about this is that they have structured the referral rewards into a money spinning opportunity that could get you a guaranteed monthly income of $15000 for life. How does it work? The Getaway Club has a 4 table structure. The tables are named BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. When you join, you are entered into the Bronze board. To reach the Platinum board you will pass through the 3 other boards and you are paid as you move from board to board.
You join at a Bronze Board and it takes an average of 4 days to progress into the Silver Board. You earn $100 in this transition.
From the Silver Board you progress into the Gold Board after an average time of about a week! You earn $200 in this transition.
From the Gold Board you progress into the Platinum Board after an average time of between 2 and 3 weeks and you are paid $2,500 in this transition.
From the Platinum Board, you progress into another Platinum Board with a cash pay out of $15,000...and you will always keep on transiting from one Platinum Board to another, and yet another...while you are paid $15,000 every time.
Bear in mind that the times for transiting to the next board depends totally on how fast you refer people. The record for fastest payout is 14 days from joining to payout. You could actually achieve payout in a shorter time if you refer people faster.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. After I sign up, how fast can I get started?
A. Immediately. You can go straight to the booking engine to book Airfare, Accommodations, or your next holiday. You can also begin to tell your friends, or promote the business by sending associates to your own duplicated website.
Q. What do I get when I sign-up?
A. You get a duplicate website to promote your business with an e-pass to our Travel engine which gives you
* Lifetime access to wholesale hotel prices
* Lifetime access to wholesale airfares
* $100 getaway gift voucher
Q. Is there a recurring cost or monthly membership payment?
A. No. There is no monthly membership payment. Your one-time payment is to purchase the Getawayclub card, which entitles you to a range of discounted products.
Q. What do I need to do to cycle?
A. The first thing you need to do is sponsor two (2) people who purchase the Getawayclub card. Once you have done this, you qualify to receive the Board payments as you cycle through each board. The second thing you need to do is encourage and instruct those people you sponsored to sponsor additional people.
Q. What is the Matrix Bonus Payment?
A. This is a second arm to our compensation plan and a way to earn additional income. To qualify for this, you must sponsor at least one person. As a member progresses through the boards they receive a payment. If that member is no more than 5 levels deep under you, you will receive a percentage of up to 5% of their earnings.
Q. Is the Matrix Bonus payment deducted from the members cycle payment?
A. No. This payment is not deducted from any other payment.
Q. How many people do I need to sponsor?
A. To qualify for both compensation payments you need to sponsor 2 people. However, this should not stop you from sponsoring more than 2 as it will help you cycle more quickly and entitle you to more Matrix Bonus Payments.
Q. How can I pay for my Getawayclub card?
A. We accept Mastercard, Visa and E-gold (
Q. Can I have multiple positions in the system?
A. Yes. You can purchase as many positions that suit your needs. If you purchase more than 1 position you must create a new user or unique ID to identify that position.
Q. What do I receive when I cycle?
A. We have 4 levels of payment for each board you cycle.
Cycle Bronze Board You get US $100.00
Cycle Silver Board You get US $200.00
Cycle Gold Board You get US $2,500.00
Cycle Platinum Board You get US $15,000.00
You are then re-entered into the system at the bottom of a Platinum Board.
Q. What is the advantage of sponsoring more than 2 people?
A. You will receive a 5% bonus on all the boards they cycle through and receive a a further percentage of all earnings 4 levels deep of all those people that cycle. The follow-the-leader system allows all members to follow their referrals. If you bring in many people, when you re-enter Board 4 you have a higher chance of not having to sponsor any new members, because all the people you brought in will ALWAYS follow you and push you through the cycle faster.
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