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Welcome to this very special window in time with www.uVme-MLM.com

You are now one of the pioneers to have been given the insider advantage to the official pre-launch of uVme.

It was W.C. Fields who once said, "All I ask is for an unfair advantage."
Some would say that is exactly what you have been given; we say you have "The First Mover Advantage".

Now you′ve taken that all-important first step, you are in the unique and privileged position of being amongst a group of pioneering entrepreneurs who are seeing this information first. Historically this is a time to position yourself and build immense momentum: which is then carried through the pre-launch phase, to ultimately launch with an established business on which you can capitalise. You now have access to the privileged information and expertise that will open the door to a new way of making money online and that will set you amongst the insider elite.

We all play games, across all age ranges and genders, and it transcends all cultures because it is part of the human spirit.. .we have a need to compete with others and with ourselves.
People play games not so much for the game itself as for the experience the game creates: an adrenaline rush, a victory, a mental challenge or a time to interact with friends. In short, we play games to create moment-to-moment experiences that are FUN; and it is generating billions in cash!

But the desire to play is only half the story. The big catalyst for growth is the explosion of affordable home broadband and ultra-fast PCs.
This means that today, online gaming isn′t just for serious gamers... it′s for everybody, everywhere!
Imagine if just a FRACTION of the millions of people playing games online RIGHT NOW were playing through your uVme site ...you see, your site is not an isolated, standalone platform for your team alone. It′s a doorway through which your players enter the GLOBAL uVme gaming network, to find thousands of other players across the world, linked up and ready to play!

Having your own online games business is an exciting and cool way to make your fortune, It has no social stigma attached to it, and is something you can be truly proud to be associated with. It is appealing and attractive, whilst at the same time being something that other people aspire to be part of. Here′s how you can make it happen for you .... With over 5 years′ experience, we have built businesses that have paid out millions to our members in 133 countries - and our proven and successful business model is the perfect vehicle for the online entertainment revolution. WE ARE ABOUT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN

Over the next few weeks, we will share knowledge with you and show you everything you need to know about building your very own online entertainment business with uVme; where playing games and having fun with your friends and family is turned into your business. a business that will appeal to all ages and genders and has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people every single day;. a business requiring no investment in stock ... a business where you don′t have to persuade people to change their behaviours - just keep on doing what they love doing already!

You′ll be offering player-to-player games with cash prizes, where YOU set the winnings. Delivering instant wins and gratification, these games will keep customers corning back for more, and will create a real feel good factor plus ′bragging rights′. So win or lose, they′ll simply keep on playing! You can also host tournaments for larger numbers of players, with BIG cash prizes, progressive jackpots and winner-takes-all payouts. Creating even more fun for your players - and making even more money for you!
Even more ways for you to make money with uVme...
We have created a powerful, unique business with which you can earn money in seven different ways. As you build your team of players, you can also mate a team of Associates to boost your earnings even more.

You can sponsor a new Associate easily through your uVme site. They are automatically added to your genealogy, and you receive an email confirming that a new Associate has joined.

There is no limit on the amount of games people can play on your site or the number of tournaments they can enter, and no download or bandwidth limits. You can attract as many game players as you wish to your site, and that plugs them in to the uVme global game network. Each time one of your players takes part in a tournament, you get paid. We have worked hard to make our pay plan a BALANCED system, where everyone who joins will have an equal opportunity to make a fortune; from day one, you can earn a full-time income while at the same time having the potential to build a large team and Earn a massive income - there is no limit.

Each of our business Associates receives a self-replicating version of www.uVme.com, complete with a "back office to control and manage their business, 24 hours a day. This area of the site is a fantastic resource for building your business.

You also have access to your web tools and printable tools section. There are lots of tools to power your business, from banners to data-capture pages, plus lots, lots more. It is a full business resource.

The uVme support team consists of real people supporting our Associates to develop their businesses by offering a solution-driven level of personal service, complete with live telephone support seven days a week.
The support structure also extends to your players, giving you the freedom to enjoy this business without the hassles of having to be on hand for your players 24/7. There are millions of people playing online skill games around the world. Imagine just a fraction of these playing through your very own uVme website when we launch ...

Go to the web site address on the end of this document and pre-register for your FREE business-building website. Then simply send out your link to the site and get as many people to Pre-register as possible. The more you get, the bigger your rewards will be. Your uVme online skill-games business is waiting for you to activate it NOW ... ready to start working for you 24/7.

Be part of the reVolution ... www.uVme-MLM.com

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