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Компания: DubaiMLM
Имя: bgautama
ID: 110850620
Квалификация: 1
Откуда: Indonesia Yogyakarta Yogyakarta
Контакты: 081365309008
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MLM Welcome To DubaiMLM!

DubaiMLM Reward Dollars will be paid as follows:
(5$) DubaiMLM Dollars to each NEW MEMBER.
(1$) DubaiMLM Dollars to the personal sponsor of each NEW MEMBER.
(1$) DubaiMLM Dollar for each NEW MEMBER below your DubaiMLM Position -- up to FIFTY LEVELS.

Dubai will soon be The Financial Capitol Of The World. Your DubaiMLM Account can become more important
than your current Bank Account. Whichever country you reside in, your country′s currency only has a
monetary value based upon the fact that others within your country are willing to accept the same for
tangible products and services. For example:

You could not walk into a Wal-Mart in the Omaha, USA and pay for the items with a foreign currency
such as a Mexican Peso or a Jamaican Dollar. These currencies and other foreign currencies would
be worthless in such a case. On the other hand, if there was a local grocery store in the United States
which would accept the Mexican Peso or the Jamaican dollar, these and any other foreign currency
would again have value for the possessor of the same.

DubaiMLM Dollar already has Thousands if not Tens Of Thousands of outlets willing to accept
DubaiMLM Dollars for either full or partial payment for their products and / or services.
DubaiMLM also has thousands of outlets willing to accept "MIR Reward Dollars". In addition to the 50 DubaiMLM
Dollars. DubaiMLM will start each person off with 150 MIR Reward Dollars in one of our affiliate programs.

The DubaiMLM INTERNATIONAL Directory, similar to the Yellow Pages.
Listings of many small and large businesses who will gladly accept DubaiMLM Dollars as full or partial payment
for their products and/or services. It will also list Doctors, Dentist, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Accountants and many
other professionals who will accept DubaiMLM Dollars. You will find Landscapers, Pool Maintenance, Florist,
Printers and almost every business service you can think of who will accept DubaiMLM Dollars...

In addition to all the above, you will have tens of thousands -- even hundreds of thousands -- of individuals
who wish to sell you personal items whereas you can use DubaiMLM Dollars. We already have several
wholesale suppliers who have Millions Of Dollars in Inventory which will take DubaiMLM Dollars as FULL
PAYMENT for such goods.

With TEN MILLION DubaiMLM Members - DubaiMLM will be larger than most small countries?
DubaiMLM is expecting millions of members with a short period of time. With The DubaiMLM Reward System,
we could have as many as ONE MILLION Members in just six to twelve months from the launch date.

You instantly receive your self-replicating website to refer other DubaiMLM Members which allows
you to receive DubaiMLM Dollars, Euro Dollars and US Dollars for your future efforts. Your site will
also show you how many DubaiMLM Dollars you are accumulating for your referring efforts.
Your DubaiMLM genealogy reports will be available and will show you how many members are
on each of your FIFTY LEVELS below your position. Your DubaiMLM back office will be able to receive
DubaiMLM Dollars, Euro Dollars and USA Dollars, based on products sold within your FIFTY LEVELS.
Just imagine receiving even 2 cents on every transaction to ever take place within your FIFTY LEVELS
below your DubaiMLM Position. How much would you earn if you received even one penny on every credit
card, bank card or even cash transaction that took place in your city?

DubaiMLM Official Launch Date is January 30, 2008 at which time The DubaiMLM Member Directory
will post in your back office. It will include every business or individual who will accept DubaiMLM Dollars
for their goods or services for full or partial payment. Your 150 Additional MIR Reward Dollars, including
your 3 Day/2 Night Vacation Certificate will also be issued at this time.

Ask yourself a simple question… What business or individual who has a product or service would not want
to expose their product(s) and/or service(s) to a MILLIONS of potential customers?

Start Referring to Start Receiving.

DubaiMLM Reward Dollars will be paid as follows:
(5$) DubaiMLM Dollars to each NEW MEMBER.
(1$) DubaiMLM Dollars to the personal referrer of each NEW MEMBER.
(1$) DubaiMLM Dollar for each NEW MEMBER below your DubaiMLM Position -- up to FIFTY LEVELS.

On behalf of all of us at DubaiMLM, we want to welcome you to our New World Of Marketing.
May 2008 be an exciting and very profitable year for you and your loved ones.

The DubaiMLM Management

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